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When we give a gift to someone, don’t we feel just as much joy as the person receiving the gift? Well, this too is what happens when we volunteer. There are so many ways to volunteer in our very own community.

The good news is that one does not need to join a group in order to do this. Wentzville Area is in need of volunteers for our senior citizens. Below is information about places in our community that will appreciate your special gifts and talents. Just by giving a little of your time can make someone’s life more meaningful to them. Why not try it?

Twin Oaks at Heritage Point is an Assisted Living residence with plenty of room to host many types of different activities. They have a beautiful worship center in the building. They are in need of some volunteers from any church to perform service on Saturday and Sunday. They also can use people to coordinate Bible studies. If you know anyone from your church that would be willing to do these, please contact the Activity Coordinator.

Here are other ideas and listed are just a few:

  • Bingo help – assist people while playing, bingo callers, donate gifts for bingo.
  • Arts and crafts area such as beading, knitting, crocheting, card making etc.
  • Yoga/exercise teachers to help out the seniors with stretching
  • Table servers to help with drinks and snacks when activities are going on
  • Bakers that would like to donate baked goods
  • Day Tour volunteers. Assist the people on day tours who need a helping hand
  • Entertainment: Square Dancers; Singers; Musical Instrument Players; Youth gymnastics;

Are there any groups out there that need a place for rehearsing or performing? Please call and see if you can arrange a time to do this. Senior residents love to watch any of these performances.

WASSI encourages anyone who has an interest in volunteering for our seniors to visit these two places. Take a tour and talk with both Administrators. They would be happy that you stopped by. Please remember that volunteering should feel right to you when you do it. It should be a personal decision. Volunteering with a cheerful attitude can be very rewarding for both the giver and the person receiving the service. What a great way to give back to our community. Why not make your day and someone else’s?






To RSVP for events, please contact Jessica Brannan at 636-542-6000 or Mary Tow at 314-780-1170.


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